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Coconut Husk Scrub Set

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Scrub it up the eco way, just as good as the synthetic ones and without the waste. Biodegradable coconut husk, recyclable metal wiring for shape and wooden handle, no plastic components. 

Scrubs last ~6 months with regular use, round & bottle scrub 12 months+. 

Old scrubs work wonders to air out roots of house plants or in the garden, there's a reason people use coconut coir for vegetation. *wink



3x flat scrub

- for dishes, outdoor/indoor table tops

1 round scrub

- for shallow pots and pans, soup dishes & bowls, and tubs!

1 bottle scrub

- for tumblers and tall glasses, vases etc with hard to reach spots

1x coconut bowl

- to store all your coco tools in of course =)